Ranchview Counselor Corner – September 2017

We would like to welcome Jennifer Erlenbusch to the Ranch!  Mrs. Erlenbusch has been involved as a RHS parent for 7 years as a volunteer to such groups as the RHS band and PTSA.  This year she has taken on the role as the Counselors’ Assistant.  We are so happy to have her in Student Services!  You can reach her at:

Erlenbuschj@cfbisd.edu or at 972-968-5034



Introduction of Student Services:

COUNSELORS:                            RECORDS:

Wynter Nash                                       Sandi Higgins

A-K Lead                                              A-K

nashw@cfbisd.edu                           higginss@cfbisd.edu

Tracey McLeod                                   Mendy Barajas

L-Z                                                         L-Z

mcleodt@cfbisd.edu                          barajasm@cfbisd.edu

Tamara Johnson

9th grade/Crisis



Events in September 2017 @ Ranchview High School

9/4 – Labor Day, no school

9/5 – 8th  College Promotion Week

9/12 – CFBISD COLLEGE NIGHT- 6:00-8:00pm at Creekview High

9/13 – RHS SAT PREP SESSION starts (SEE FLYER) 4-5:30pm

9/18 – Meet the Teacher Night 5:30-8:00 pm

9/26 – District Parent Seminar on Current Drug Trends at ESDC Building B 6:30-8:30pm


Study Skills

Incorporating the following in your school routine will help insure your success!

Be organized 

  • Use a student planner or assignment notebook
  • Get everything organized for the next day before you go to bed

Manage Your Time Well

  • Use any extra time at school to start your homework
  • Have a consistent study plan and daily routine
  • Break large assignments into smaller parts

Be successful in the classroom

  • Learn each teacher’s class procedures
  • Be in class every day on time
  • Have everything you need when you go to class
  • Do your homework
  • Participate in class
  • Attend tutorials with specific questions
  • Treat others with courtesy and respect

Take Good Notes

  • Be an active listener.
  • Take notes
  • Use an outline

Know How to Read a Textbook

  • SCAN the assignment to get an overview
  • READ the assignment
  • REVIEW and SUMMARIZE what you’ve read

Study Smart

  • Have a designated area for homework and studying
  • Organize your time before you begin
  • Use tricks to help you memorize large amounts of info

Use Test-Taking Strategies

  • Have everything you need for the test
  • Before you begin, look over the test and make a plan
  • Mark questions you may need to return to
  • Check your answers
  • Use all the time allowed


Ranchview High School – SAT Tutorials

 Each year more than two million students take SAT Program tests. Nearly every college or university in America use SAT Reasoning Test scores because the test:

  • Is the best independent, standardized measureof a student’s college readiness skills
  • Is aligned with current curriculum and institutional practicesin high school and college
  • Allows all students to have more college options and opportunities

SAT Prep courses during the academic year prepare students to reach the exam date of their choice at peak performance.

Ranchview will be a hosting SAT Prep Course in Math and Reading on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, September 13th
  • Wednesday, September 20th
  • Wednesday, September 27
  • Wednesday, October 4th

This tutorial is specifically designed and taught to raise your SAT score.  The cost is $10 for Ranchview students.  The time will be from 4:00-5:30 pm.  Students will need to provide their own transportation home after tutorials.  Students who sign up are expected to attend every session.

To register, please fill contact Jennifer Erlenbusch in the Counseling office at Erlenbuschj@cfbisd.edu or at 972-968-5034